Canadian National Action Plan 2010-2016, Progress Reports, and Mid-term Review

This section includes links to the full text of the first C-NAP,  the available annual reports and the mid-term review conducted by Inclusive Security.

WPSN-C Analysis of the C-NAP & Reports

Here you’ll find 2 WPSN-C shadow reports, prepared in response to official C-NAP reports. Also included are links to op-eds by WPSN-C members.

House of Commons Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Development – Study on WPS (2016), including briefs presented by WPSN-C and others and government response

Click here for links to documents related to the recent FAAE Study on Women, Peace and Security – An Opportunity for Global Leadership and the Women, Peace and Security Agenda.  It has useful recommendations for the C-NAP.  The briefs prepared by the WPSN-C and other organizations have useful background information and recommendations.

Government of Canada Defence Policy Review (2016)

Last year’s Defence Policy Review included one Roundtable on Gender Equality/Gender Based Analysis Issues.  This page also includes the official WPSN-C brief to the Review process as well as links to short submissions by experts.

Government of Canada International Assistance Review (2016), including WPSN-C’s submissions

The International Assistance Review (IAR) from last year included many discussions on gender equality/women’s rights as well as peace and security issues.  Click here to see the brief submitted by the WPSN-C focusing on WPS issues within a feminist foreign policy discussion.

Other Background Documents

Report on a Roundtable: 1325 National Action Plans: Lessons from the Netherlands, Norway and Sweden (Ottawa, September 13th, 2016)

Preventing Conflict, Transforming Justice, Securing the Peace. A Global Study on the Implementation of UN Security Council Resolution 1325 (UN Women (2015))

What’s in a NAP? A Short Analysis of Selected Women, Peace and Security National Action Plans. WPSN-C (Monique Cuillerier, Diana Sarosi and Kristine St-Pierre (2016))

Thinking about gender in military planning and operations (National Defence and the Canadian Armed Forces Website)

A toolkit on M&E for National Action Plans (Inclusive Security)

Designing Inclusive Strategies for Sustainable Security: Results-Oriented National Action Plans on Women, Peace and Security. (OSCE & Inclusive Security (2016))

OSCE Study on National Action Plans on the Implementation of the United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325 (OSCE (2014)

Financing UN Security Council Resolution 1325: Aid in Support of Gender Equality and Women’s Rights in Fragile Contexts (OECD-DAC GENDERNET (2015))